Movie-Still Monday Oscar Edition: Willem Dafoe

This year, Willem Dafoe received his third Oscar nomination for The Florida Project, playing the manager of a down-and-out motel near Disney World (aka the Happiest Place on Earth).  Dafoe received his second Oscar nomination for portraying Max Schreck, the star of the silent classic Nosferatu (1922), in Shadow of the Vampire (2000).  Dafoe brillantly embodies Schreck, masterfully making what […]

Movie-Still Monday (on Tuesday) Oscar Edition: Lesley Manville

Lesley Manville received her first Oscar nomination for Paul Thomas Anderson’s Phantom Thread playing the sister and business partner of fashion designer Reynolds Woodcock (Daniel Day-Lewis, who also received a nomination).  Manville has been active in mostly British films and television since the 1970s.  She is a favorite of director Mike Leigh appearing in Secrets and Lies […]

Movie-Still Monday Oscar Edition: Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington is celebrating his eighth acting nomination (ninth career nomination) for his work in this year’s Roman J. Israel, Esq.  He is tied with Paul Newman and Spencer Tracy as third most nominated actor in Oscar history (behind Jack Nicholson with 12 and Laurence Olivier with 10).  Washington received his first Oscar nomination 30 years […]

Movie-Still Monday: Knight of Cups

Knight of Cups follows writer Rick (Christian Bale, The Fighter, American Hustle) on an odyssey through the playgrounds of Los Angeles and Las Vegas as he undertakes a search for love and self. Even as he moves through a desire-laden landscape of mansions, resorts, beaches and clubs, Rick grapples over complicated relationships with his brother […]

Movie-Still Monday Oscar Edition: Alicia Vikander

Swedish actress Alicia Vikander was introduced to American audiences in 2012’s Anna Karenina. After a breakout year, Vikander received her first Oscar nomination as Best Actress in a Supporting Role for the role of Gerda Wegener, the supportive spouse of transgender artist Lily Elbe, in The Danish Girl (2015).

Movie-Still Monday: Paris is Burning

Paris is Burning (1990) In honor of Pride we are proud to feature Paris is Burning, directed by Jennie Livingston. The documentary is  is a chronicle of New York’s drag scene in the 1980s, focusing on balls, voguing and the ambitions and dreams of those who gave the era its warmth and vitality.

Movie-Still Monday: Oscar Nominess

For her work in Still Alice, Julianne Moore received her fifth Academy Award nomination and quite possibly could win her first Oscar. She has received Oscar nominations for: Boogie Nights (1997), The End of the Affair (1999), Far from Heaven (2002), The Hours (2002), and Still Alice (2014)

Re Post: Movie-Still Monday: Selma (Oscar Buzz Edition 2015)

In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  Selma is rumored to upend this years Oscar race for best picture. Director: Ava DuVernay Writer: Paul Webb Stars: David Oyelowo, Carmen Ejogo, Tim Roth Synopsis: Martin Luther King and the civil rights marches of Selma, Alabama, that changed the United States for ever.

The 52nd New York Film Festival Movie Still – Whiplash

The 52nd New York Film Festival (NYFF) has opened with 17 days of exciting world premieres, award winners from Cannes, Berlin, and Venice, retrospective screenings, spotlights on emerging filmmakers, panels, galas and much more! Join us here MoviefiedNYC, as we bring you our daily selection of the one film playing today that we think you shouldn’t […]

Movie-Still Monday: The Boxtrolls

Behind the scenes still from The Boxtrolls. Composed of over 125,000 still-frame images, The Boxtrolls is the latest 3D stop motion film from the creators of Coraline and ParaNorman.     Like us, follow us, or just say hello: Facebook    Twitter    Instagram YouTube    Tumblr      Pinterest