@tribeca Writer-director Paul Lieberstein (Toby from The Office) stars in his first feature film, Songs of the Back and Neck. As odd and slightly cumbersome as the title is, it works for this sweet and funny story which is one of self-discovery. Fred (Lieberstein) is a hapless paralegal at his father’s law firm. Constantly put down by young attorneys at the firm and crippled by back and neck pain, Fred struggles to get through each day, physically and emotionally. When the beautiful and charming Regan (Rosemary DeWitt) walks into his office looking for a divorce, Fred is smitten. She suggests Fred visit an acupuncturist, who helps Fred both relieve his pain and discover an unusual gift. Bonding through their shared neck and back pain, Fred and Regan embark on a romance to heal their broken hearts and aching torsos. — @arsapan [read more at link in bio] . . . . . #tribecafilmfestival #songofthebackandneck #newmovies #theoffice #RosemaryDeWitt #PaulLieberstein
The Dark, by writer, director, Justin P. Lange, premiered @tribeca last night. Lange explores the zombie horror genre with a sense of mystery, themes of child sexual abuse, friendship, and survival, resulting in a movie that is more contemplative than scary—and tonally reminiscent of Tomas Alfredson’s 2008 horror classic, Let the Right One In. Next shows: 4/22 9:15 4/23 8:45 4/24 9:15 . . . #tribecafilmfestival #horrormovies #zombiemovie #newdirectors #horror #midnightmovies #nadiaalexander
Got my #tribecafilmfestival color blast on. Tomorrow I’m taking in the first batch of @tribeca movies. -@johndavidwest . . . . #newmovies #tribecafilmfestival