2017 Golden Globe Nominations Announced!

Welcome back, my award season enthusiasts!  The 2017 Award Season officially commenced this morning at 8:15 am with the announcement of the Golden Globe Award Nominations.  While these awards are decided by the Hollywood Foreign Press, whose members do not overlap with any Oscar voting body, they are always a good indication of what movies […]

Good Girls Revolt on Amazon Prime

Amazon’s new original series Good Girls Revolt – developed by former journalist Dana Calvoe (Narcos) – follows the careers of a group of young female researchers at a fictitious magazine, News of the Week, during the counterculture days of 1969. Inspired by the book The Good Girls Revolt by Lynn Povich, which examined the complaint, filed with the EEOC by […]

Worried about the Summer TV Slump? 5 Shows to Fill the Void

As an avid TV show watcher, it’s always exciting to read about new TV shows and even more so to watch them unfold into success stories. With that same excitement in mind, I wanted to bring MoviefiedNYC readers a little taste of what to look forward to this summer. New TV shows open the door […]

Gone Too Soon: SMASH

  I almost wanted to title this article, “In Defense of a Bad Show,” but if I’m being honest, I don’t think Smash is a bad show. It has a bad reputation, but I’m going to sit here and earnestly convince you to watch it, because I think it is worth 1,360 minutes (the approximate […]

The Man in Black: Daredevil Season One Recap

One of my favorite shows of 2015, Netflix’s Daredevil, is coming back for season two on Friday! A second season, consisting of 13 episodes, premieres on Netflix in its entirety on March 18. It will feature two new characters in particular: Elektra Natchios (an assassin and ex-girlfriend of Daredevil himself) and Frank Castle (the supervillain The […]

Netflix Nic: Part 2, Snake Eyes, Outcast, Left Behind

In this, the second installment of my Netflix Nic series, where I watch some Nicolas Cage flicks on Netflix and report my findings, I bring to you a decent offering from the 90s; a surprising action/drama with Anakin Skywalker; and a movie in which the film stock should have been burned like at the end […]

The Seven Women on The 100 That You Should be Watching

The 100 is easily one of my favorite shows currently airing right now (go check out its place on my Top 10 TV Shows of 2015!) and in honor of its super strong season three opening, here are seven incredibly compelling (and incredibly female) reasons to watch it. Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor): Clarke is one […]

What the Hell is Mozart in the Jungle?

  Just last month at the Golden Globes, a little Amazon series called Mozart in the Jungle—which takes the audience behind the scenes of the classical music world—came out of nowhere and won two of the highest television awards of the night: Best Television Series – Comedy; and Best Actor in a Television Series – […]

London Spy: Not the Ben Whishaw Show We Deserve

  London Spy had, in the first three quarters of its premier episode, the potential to be the gay spy drama we’d been waiting for. Ben Whishaw, who plays unassuming warehouse worker Danny, is captivating as always. He’s waifish and almost dwarfed against the cold and grey London landscape, but he holds his own. Still, […]

23 Thoughts on Grease: Live

In arbitrary honor of my 23rd birthday on Saturday, here are 23 thoughts I had while watching Grease: Live. Some of them are articulate and critical, most are not. But in the spirit of Grease, I decided to have fun with this. Oh thank god, it’s going to be corny. For some reason I expected Julianne […]