Top 5 New York City Movies from the ’70s

In response to this summer’s “New York in the 70s” film festival at Film Forum, MovefiedNYC decided to repost our first list, the “Top Five NYC Movies from the ’70s.”  The choice for our first list was obvious; it had to come from our own backyard, a place and time—now perhaps mythological—of unrelenting creativity, expression, […]

Movie-Still Monday: O.J.: Made in America

O.J.: Made in America is ESPN’s stunning eight-hour series somehow manages to break new ground in the often told case of the O.J. Simpson murder trial. O.J.: Made in America is not only a heartbreaking viewing experience, but it explores its subject with incredible length, breadth, intelligence, and sensitivity. The eight-hour running time might seem daunting, but […]

Opening This Weekend June 17

What? No Marvel nor DC superhero films opening this June? I feel a tiny bit faint, but not to worry, we have a ton of good and maybe some not so good reasons for you to go and enjoy your local movie theater – The Conjuring 2, The Fits, Independence Day: Resurgence, Free State of […]

MoviefiedNYC’s in-your-face Oscar Predictions: Who Will and Should Win!

Here we are again, just a few short days away from the 88th Academy Awards.  For those of you who are doing some final research for that office pool and want to make a truly informed prediction, the Moviefied NYC team has done all of the leg work.  Managing Editors John David West and Myrna […]

MoviefiedNYC Best Movies of 2015

It’s finally on, MoviefiedNYC‘s Ten Best Movies of 2015. The year proved to be a pretty good year for movies, a good year for women in film, a good year for LGBT movies, and a very good year for testosterone-induced action films with depth, craft, and fun! It was, indeed, a fun year at the movies! […]

It’s on! MoviefiedNYC’s 2014 Daring Oscar Predictions and who we think SHOULD WIN!

It’s Oscar time again, and not a moment too soon. I don’t know about you but I can’t really take another awards show. But before we close the door on 2013 and finally move on with 2014, MoviefiedNYC celebrates Hollywood’s glitzy prom night known as The Academy Awards with our Oscar predictions—and dreams (we include the snubs)—for […]

The Best Film You’ve Never Seen

Our love of Robert K. Elder began with the discovery of his book The Film That Changed My Life. Where he had the brilliant idea of asking 30 filmmakers (Danny Boyle, Bill Condon, Alex Gibney, etc) to discuss how a particular film influenced their own work and how it made them think differently about movies. Capturing lightning […]

The Unforgettable Sound of Muscle Shoals

Muscle Shoals, a must-see and listen to documentary, begins in the late 1950s. Rick Hall, a local musician, is let go from his band for being all work and no play. He opens FAME Studios in Florence, Alabama. At his second studio, in Muscle Shoals, a sleepy little town located alongside the Tennessee River, Hall […]

Moviefied Special Edition: 9/11 Tribute in Film to the World Trade Center

Moviefied remembers the lost lives, the survivors, and a city transformed before our eyes. Thanks to the power of film, we can revisit the beauty and awe of the World Trade Center. World Trade Center Twin Tower Cameos In Movies (1969-2001) Godspell (1973) Man on a Wire (2008) King Kong (1976) A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001) […]

A Hijacking – Possibly the Best Film You Haven’t Seen This Year

A Hijacking is a riveting and realistic Danish thriller from writer-director Tobias Lindholm. Based on a true story, Lindholm takes us on a harrowing journey when a Danish freighter is taken captive by a band of Somali pirates on the Indian Ocean.  Now this storyline seems ripe for Hollywood blockbuster material—explosions, bigger than life heroes, […]