Screen Actors Guild Award Winners!

At last night’s Screen Actors Guild Awards, Hollywood royalty came out last night to celebrate the great performances of 2017.  While the undercurrent of the #metoo movement was still present, it was not as all-encompassing as it was at the Golden Globes earlier this month.  For starters, not everyone wore black.  However, the show did […]

Surprised? SAG Nominations Announced

This morning Olivia Munn and Niecy Nash announced the nominations for the Screen Actors Guild Awards.  As always, there was some overlap with the Golden Globes nominations, but there were quite a few surprises and snubs.  Let’s dig in. Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri was the most nominated film with a total of four […]

Screen Actors Guild Awards – The Winners!

The Screen Actors Guild Awards were presented on Saturday, January 30 to a room full of celebrities.  There are so many things to discuss about these awards, but I think we need to focus on the most important part of the night: Leonardo DiCaprio using a vape pen. Just kidding. However, the SAG decided to […]

Surprise it’s the 2016 SAG Awards Nominations

Welcome back, my award season junkies! The stage is set and we are all ready to find out which of this year’s films will be crowned as favorites for the Oscar race. To that end, the Screen Actors Guild Award Nominations were announced this morning. Trumbo, the biopic about blacklisted Hollywood screenwriter Dalton Trumbo, lead […]

SAG Nominations

Wow!  I can officially say that this year’s Road to the Oscars has been one of the most varied I have seen in recent years.  Cementing that claim is the announcement of the Screen Actors Guild Award nominations.  Since actors are the largest voting body of the Academy of Arts and Sciences, the SAG nominations […]