Haiku Reviews: Love & Mercy x 2

A painful memoir: manipulation, madness, and music. Love wins. ~Pamela Villars  battling voices, a true genius emerges; sounds of the sixties ~Shae Boyd Advertisements

Haiku Reviews – Mad Max: Fury Road x 2

  Beyond the Thunderdome Furiosa leads the way To a new green world. ~Pamela Villars a dystopian search for redemption, dead soil. but who killed the world?  ~Shae Boyd

Haiku Review – Blue Jasmine

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Haiku Review: Francis Ha

  Dancing to her dreams,  even as her world dwindles.  Greta delivers. – MD _______________________________________________________________________________ WEBSITE: www.moviefiednyc.com  Facebook www.facebook.com/Moviefied Twitter: @moviefiednyc Submissions: moviefiednyc@gmail.com Join our mailing: moviefiednyc@gmail.com _________________________________________________________________

We Have a Pope: Haiku Review

We Have a Pope (2011) – Michel Piccoli as Cardinal Melville There’s a new Pope! Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina is now Pope Francis. So, we’re celebrating the MoviefiedNYC way—with a movie haiku of 2011’s We have a Pope, directed by Nanni Moretti. —JDW    

Haiku Review – Amour

         In sickness, in health       Love ends sometimes cruelly       A man, a woman                –JDW       Amour Don’t forget to enter MoviefiedNYC’s Golden Globe Awards Contest!  ____________________________________________________ Like us on Facebook www.facebook.com/Moviefied Follow us on Twitter: @moviefiednyc Send your submissions to […]

Moviefied: Haiku Review – Rope

Rope Long shots and gunshots, champagne getting warm, but who is the superman?  —Kimberly C. Steele John Dall, Farley Granger, Jimmy Stewart Kimberly C. Steele is a freelance writer, editor, poet and entertainment enthusiast working and living in New York City. She holds a BA in English from Georgetown University and an MFA in Poetry […]