Rocky: An Odyssey in Six Parts

Movie Reviewer Confession Time: I have never watched the Rocky films. I know, I know–timeless classics, I always hear. But it simply isn’t a classic if it can’t stand that test of time. I’ve always disliked Sylvester Stallone and his films, especially when instead of Rocky I’ve got Raging Bull to look forward to. However, I recently […]

MoviefiedNYC Review: Ryan Reynolds, a bulldog, and a cat walk into a bar…

Any time someone tells me Ryan “Ken-Doll” Reynolds has decided to do an indie movie I let out a little groan. That groan is saying, “Ry-dog, please, stick to the shirtless scenes and the superhero movies.” But last week my dad, a die-hard Reynolds fan since the early days of Blade Trinity, implores, begs, threatens […]

MoviefiedNYC Review: Susanne Bier and the stupid Serena

Bradley Cooper? Check. Jennifer Lawrence? Check. Outstanding Oscar-worthy film of the century? Don’t make me laugh. While Serena has all the makings of a beautiful yet tragic love story – amazing on-screen chemistry, gorgeous period clothes, a tragedy Shakespeare himself would be proud of – it is probably the worst movie I have seen so […]

MoviefiedNYC’s Favorite Posters 2014

As the year draws to a close, we get to look back at some of the films that touched us, made us laugh, clench our fists, gasp—or did none of those things. We have put together a selection of our favorite movie posters from 2014, with films that lived up to the hype of their […]

MovefiedNYC Review: The Erotic Appeal of the Nightcrawler

We need to sit down and have a serious chat about Mr. Gyllenhaal in Nightcrawler. Whatever director Dan Gilroy did to him, he needs to do it again—whatever stroke of genius made him cast a typically macho, gorgeous and rippled man as a chronic, psychotic and monstrous sadist hell-bent on success, money and power at […]

MoviefiedNYC Review: The Curious Case of Birdman

Michael Keaton and Edward Norton in Birdman Let me make something perfectly clear: Birdman is totally worth seeing. It is bizarre, beautiful, and mind-blowing. It is without a doubt a fantastic film, striking a strange balance between the supernatural and the mundane. Michael Keaton is in the role he was born to play as a […]

MoviefiedNYC Review: My Old Lady

Kevin Kline, Maggie Smith Every time I think of Kevin Kline, my mind always goes straight to A Fish called Wanda, where he played an arrogant and absurdly stupid thief alongside Jamie Lee Curtis and John Cleese. One scene in particular, in which he tortures the stuttering brother of his lover by eating his live […]

MoviefiedNYC Reviews: Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy             So you’re sitting in the movie theater, and your heart is filled with anticipation for the next Marvel Studios’ installment. You reach for your popcorn, eyes glued to the screen, with 3D glasses planted firmly on your face. Iron Man was intense, Captain America: The First Avenger was a roller […]

MoviefiedNYC reviews: Edge of Tomorrow

To be frank, I expected very little from Edge of Tomorrow. A bad taste rises in my mouth knowing that the Cruise action movies continue for yet another year: a carousel of films with a munchkin-esque protagonist fighting a government’s secret plot, and where a beautiful yet vacuous young maiden helps him regain his masculinity. […]

MoviefiedNYC Reviews: The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault In Our Stars appears to be a breath-taking adaptation of the novel. Put succinctly, it is charming, tender, and above all (and most important) unromantic. The film deals with love, disease, and ultimate demise, but it is by no means some idealised account that an angst-riddled teen scribbled out in the wee hours of the […]