This Week on Netflix! Jurassic Park (1993)

Jurassic Park, along with most of Steven Spielberg’s catalog at the time, was a staple of my childhood. It taught me what an adventure movie should be like in every measurable way. Some would blame Spielberg for ushering in the modern era of substance-devoid summer blockbusters, but that criticism seems unfair to me. He set […]

Netflix Nic: Part 2, Snake Eyes, Outcast, Left Behind

In this, the second installment of my Netflix Nic series, where I watch some Nicolas Cage flicks on Netflix and report my findings, I bring to you a decent offering from the 90s; a surprising action/drama with Anakin Skywalker; and a movie in which the film stock should have been burned like at the end […]

Netflix Nick

I don’t think I’m capable of summing up this man’s character in a single paragraph, but we should all be on the same page here. Cage has been around forever, and though he’s been cranking out less-than-stellar stuff over the past decade or so, that doesn’t mean he’s incapable of making decent movies. I’d forgive […]

Okay, Now Keep Me Awake – Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Ever since moping out of the theater in 2005, I’ve been waiting for a great Star Wars movie. For rabid fans, there has always been the Extended Universe and all the related fiction to keep them satisfied. But for people like me, who, up to this point, have only seen the live-action movies, ten years […]

The Death Star Redux – Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi

Watching Return of the Jedi is a bipolar experience. As the third entry in a trilogy, it should supply a satisfying conclusion to everything that has come before. In reality, a large chunk is spent wasting time and giving characters we all know and love nothing to do except run around with live-action, Star Wars-themed […]

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back – Carbonite Unclogs the Pores

The Empire Strikes Back is a movie near and dear to my heart. Growing up, I owned it on VHS (and still do) and watched it constantly, which is to say that I have no idea how many times I’ve actually seen it. It was that good to 8-year-old me, and thankfully, Empire remains a […]

Star Wars (1977): Fewer Lightsabers, Same Great Force!

It’s hard to believe the original Star Wars (1977) is almost forty years old. What’s not so hard to believe is how well it’s held up over the years, as it practically oozes its classic status through every scene and piece of dialogue. There’s something for movie-watchers of all ages and stripes to love, and […]

When Jedis Need a Mulligan – Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

For a fantasy series with six live-action movies currently released, there’s something to be said for the fact I’m still on board after three failures in a row. Yes, that means Revenge of the Sith is a bad movie. Is it still worth a watch? Hell yes. By taking a pass, you’d be missing out […]

Being Evil is Easy – Star Wars: Attack of the Clones

The phrase “You don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground” was coined in the early ’00s by an anonymous Star Wars fan when discussing the prevalence of Jedi to be a bit thick in times of danger. Since then, it’s become a favorite of mine when something a little more interesting than […]

Flashback Review – Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

I tried to enjoy The Phantom Menace. I really did. I thought, after all the time that’s passed between 1999 and now, I would have discovered some sense of duty in me to find the good bits of this movie, which would no doubt be lodged next to copious amounts of boring dialogue and Jar […]