Worried about the Summer TV Slump? 5 Shows to Fill the Void

As an avid TV show watcher, it’s always exciting to read about new TV shows and even more so to watch them unfold into success stories. With that same excitement in mind, I wanted to bring MoviefiedNYC readers a little taste of what to look forward to this summer. New TV shows open the door to whole new worlds with exciting new characters that come to life and tantalize us—if they’re unique and well-drawn, we’re in. I hope that these TV shows can offer this experience to our readers.

Mr. Robot (Season Two)


If you didn’t watch the first season of Mr. Robot on USA, you better prep for a binge. Not only was the first episode of Mr. Robot uploaded online weeks before its premiere date, but it was renewed for a second season the day of its premiere…hours before the episode even aired on TV for the first time. Mr. Robot follows Elliot Alderson (Rami Malek), a cyber-security engineer by day, hacker vigilante by night, as he navigates the inner turmoil involved in getting recruited by an undercover group of hackers for the daunting task of destroying the very firm that he is paid to protect. As the series progresses, this undertaking becomes more and more complex and unfolds into a story that you can’t get enough of. Mr. Robot offers a dark tone, complex characters and a narrator so unreliable that you never know if what you he is telling you is real or not. Rami Malik offers insightful narration that probes deep into Elliot’s mind, giving you tidbits of Elliot’s overactive mind. Mr. Robot is jam packed with a stellar cast and I am very excited to see what Mr. Robot offers to viewers during its second season. If you’re ready to give a big “fuck you” to media, corporations and societal expectations, I suggest you give Mr. Robot a chance. Mr. Robot is set to come back for its second season July 13 at 10:00 PM on USA.

Outcast (Season One)


Big Walking Dead fan? Well, you’ll want to sit down for this one because Robert Kirkman is at it again with Cinemax horror drama Outcast. After having watched a few trailers, I know that Outcast will deliver an ominous tone that will sure to have viewers at the edge of their seats. Similarly to Mr. Robot, Outcast has decided to upload its premiere episode to YouTube weeks before its premiere date, which you can find here. More impressive is the fact that Outcast got picked up for a second season nearly three months before its premiere episode. If that doesn’t convince you to click that link above, I don’t know what will. Outcast is based Kirkman’s comic series by the same name which follows Kyle Barnes (Patrick Fugit), a man that has been plagued by demonic possession his whole life and strives to find answers as to why. With help from Reverand Anderson (Philip Glenister), Kyle embarks on a journey that will discovers that the very supernatural occurrences that have caused him so much pain his whole life may be part of a bigger picture than Kyle could have ever expected. Outcast premiered on Cinemax on June 3 at 10:00 PM.

Humans (Season Two)


Humans offers a futuristic look at a parallel present day where “Synths” serve as servants for families across the world. What are “Synths” exactly? “Synths” are lifelike highly advanced robots that are the must-have item for households everywhere. In an attempt to lighten his wife’s work load, Joe Hawkins (Tom Goodman-Hill) purchases a “Synth” for their home. However, all is not as it seems and Laura (Katherine Parkinson), Joe’s wife, senses that something is not quite right with their “Synth.” After this realization, much unfolds into what becomes a strong syfy series. No premiere date has been announced for the second season of Humans but you can tune in on AMC sometime this summer.

Preacher (Season One)


Another comic coming to the small screen is Preacher airing on AMC. Its first season debuted on May 22 and centers around Jesse Custer, a preacher (Dominic Cooper) whose body is overcome by a supernatural force beyond his control. Through possession, Jesse is able to harness supernatural powers and decides to embark on a journey to find God with the help of his ex-girlfriend (Ruth Negga) and a vampire (Joseph Gilgun). The cast is stellar and executive producers Seth Rogen and Sam Catlin are huge fans of the comic and are sure to make the translation of a comic to TV show adaptation successfully and tastefully.

Atlanta (Season One)


Although not much is known about Atlanta, I have to hope that Donald Glover’s involvement going to make for a positive outcome. Atlanta could be a gateway for the portrayal of people of color in a manner that is not seen quite often on television. The prospect is exciting and I am looking forward to watching the plot unfold. Atlanta follows two cousins (Donald Glover and Brian Tyree Henry) as they try to break into the city’s rap scene. A lot about Atlanta is a mystery and even the teaser trailer is cryptic but a show with a POC heavy cast is definitely one to support and tune in for.

—Oscar Flores

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