Media for Lunch: Anna Akana’s Loose Ends

Anna Akana in When it's OK to be a Bitch
Anna Akana in When it’s OK to be a Bitch

Anna Akana after two years of making vlogs on her YouTube channel, brought to the big screen her short film Loose Ends—a project made special not only by its debut, but the all-female cast and crew that made it possible. So Akana jumped right in to film making while simultaneously acting in Marvel’s Ant-Man and Michael Showalter’s new film My Name is Doris, venturing into the world of stand-up comedy, and launching her own clothing line, Ghosts and Stars. Oh, and still while making inspiring, killer YouTube videos that celebrate women for being themselves.

Shot in found-footage style, Loose Ends follows documentary film maker Alex Wong (played by Akana) whose project is to film Yale valedictorian Amy Holt’s pursuit of a position in the CIA. But the more Wong becomes entrenched in the story, the more Holt’s genius begins turning to insanity. Through the six short films  she’s created, Akana has become known for breaking boundaries around taboo topics like mental illness and suicide with her multidimensional and dark characters. Akana is certainly one to watch.

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