19th Annual Rooftop Films Summer Series

The WolfpackThe 19th Annual Rooftop Films Summer Series opened last weekend at Industry City, in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, with some of the greatest new short films from around the world.  Each summer Rooftop Films provides audiences with unique once-in-a-lifetime viewing experiences: watching great films outdoors–on a roof–overlooking the NYC skyline.  Below is this summer’s lineup. Be sure to go to the Rooftop Films Website for tickets and times.

 Thursday, June 4 Metrotech Commons, Downtown Brooklyn

(Free Show) 

Sundance Film Festival Shorts Highlights from Sundance 2015 include wild, weird and wonderful short films.

Friday, June 5 – Old American Can Factory, Gowanus

Spartacus & Cassandra (Ioanis Nuguet) An intimate cinematic portrait of two Roma children forced to become their parents’ parents.


Saturday, June 6 – Industry City, Sunset Park  


The Wolfpack (Crystal Moselle) Brothers locked away from society find a window to the outside through their love of film. Courtesy of Magnolia Pictures.


Wednesday, June 10 – Solar One, Kips Bay

Desperate Measures: Short, Spellbinding Mysteries Uncanny short films about images that burn into our minds and stain our brains.

 Friday, June 12, 2015 – the Old American Can Factory

Welcome to Lilith: Aryan militants invade a small North Dakota town. The town fights back.


Saturday, June 13 Industry City, Sunset Park

Love Comes Later: Romantic Short Films These strangely funny, lovingly sexy, romantic short films are sure to turn you on (to something).  AND A SECRET SNEAK PREVIEW FILM.

Wednesday, June 17 – Elevated Acre, Financial District

High Jinks: Short Pranks on the Elevated Acre (Free Show) Playful short films about games and pranks. Part of the Water Street “Game On” program.

 Friday, June 19 – Industry City, Sunset Park

New York Non-Fiction – It’s your city. Take a look.

 Saturday, June 20 – Industry City, Sunset Park

Dark Toons Bizarre, poetic, animated shorts featuring surreal worlds and surprising twists and turns.


Thursday, July 2 – Trilok Fusion Center for Arts, Clinton Hill

It Seemed So Real: Documentary Shorts program of dazzling documentaries that challenge our understanding of every observation.

Friday, June 26 – Old American Can Factory, Gowanus

Sam Klemke’s Time Machine (Matthew Bate) A free-wheeling and non-fiction portrait of an extra-ordinary nobody, 35 years in the making.

 Friday, July 3 – Location TBA

Men Go To Battle (Zachary Treitz) A Civil War epic of intimate proportions, written & directed by Rooftop Film Fund Grantees. Preceded by American Renaissance (Jarred Alterman & Ryan Scafuro) Explore the fantastic world of Elizabethan England…in a small town in upstate New York.


Tuesday, July 7 – Location TBA

Tangerine (Sean Baker) The riotous Christmas tale of a transgender prostitute searching for the pimp that broke her heart. Courtesy of Magnolia Pictures.

 Friday, July 10 – Old American Can Factory, Gowanus

Bloomin’ Mud Shuffle (Frank V. Ross) A charming drama about a housepainter in love from one of the Midwest’s finest indie auteurs. Preceded by Meat (Michael Forstein) Desperate for work, Darren agrees to a one day trial as a door to door meat salesman.


Saturday, July 11 – Industry City, Sunset Park

Romeo is Bleeding (Jason Zeldes) In downtrodden region of Northern California, the youth of a city mount an urban adaptation of Romeo and Juliet.

A scene from Jason Zeldes' ROMEO IS BLEEDING, playing at the 58th San Francisco International Film Festival, April 23 - May 7 2015.
A scene from Jason Zeldes’ ROMEO IS BLEEDING


  Friday, July 17 – Metrotech Commons, Downtown Brooklyn

(Free Show)

A NIGHT WITH KHALIK ALLAHField Niggas (Khalik Allah) A visceral documentary captures the inhabitants and sultry streets of Harlem in mid-summer. Preceded by Khamaica (Khalik Allah) An intimate look at the people of Jamaica with a poignant, personal edge via the devotions of the directors grandfather


Saturday, July 18 – Old American Can Factory, Gowanus

The Chinese Mayor (Hao Zhou) The fascinating life of a bureaucrat restoring ancient ruins at the expense of his own career.


Friday, July 24 – Industry City, Sunset Park

{THE AND} Game Live Experience (The Skin Deep) An interactive social experiment that explores the labyrinths of human intimacy.

{THE AND} Marcela & Rock (The Skin Deep) A short documentary that brings the viewer into the emotional space of a modern day relationship.

 Saturday, July 25 – Industry City, Sunset Park

First Comes Love: Romantic Short Films Romantic short films about heartbreak, foolish devotion, and the ephemeral flash of love.

 Wednesday, July 29 – Socrates Sculpture Park, Long Island City

(Free Show) Kings of the Wind & Electric Queens (Cédric Dupire & Gaspard Kuentz) A compelling and hypnotic glimpse into one of India’s wildest carnivals. Preceded by The Golden Legend (Olivier Smolders) Collector of cursed musicians, unreasonable murderers, fairground freaks, paranoid revolutionaries, flatulists and suicidal hermits, a psychiatric patient presents a gallery of the historic figures he is haunted by.

 Thursday, July 30 – Brookfield Place, Financial District

(Free Show) Animation Block Party Rooftop Films is proud to co-present the opening night of Animation Block Party, the premier animation festival on the East Coast, dedicated to exhibiting all genres of the world’s best independent, professional and student animation.

 Saturday, August 8 – Location TBA

Divine Location (Michael Loeken & Ulrike Franke) A subtly delightful comic portrait of a small German town undergoing huge changes.


Saturday, August 15 – Industry City, Sunset Park

Finders Keepers (Bryan Carberry & Clay Tweel) A man finds a dismembered foot in an auctioned meat smoker. Then things get strange. Courtesy of The Orchard.

 Tuesday, August 18 – Industry City, Sunset Park

Digging for Fire (Joe Swanberg) Jake Johnson digs for answers in Joe Swanberg’s latest indie-star-studded drama. Courtesy of The Orchard.


Saturday August 22 – Industry City, Sunset Park

Rooftop Shots CLOSING NIGHT! Rooftop concludes our nineteenth year with stunning short films about saying goodbye.



Goodnight Mommy (Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz) A bone-chilling Austrian thriller about two young boys and their mysteriously altered mother. Courtesy of RADiUS-TWC.


Krisha (Trey Shults) Rooftop grantee Trey Shults’ daring, SXSW-winning drama about a family on the brink.


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