Streaming on Netflix: Miss Lovely’s director Ashim Ahluwalia

Director, Ashim Ahluwalia—whose first feature film, Miss Lovely, currently streaming on Netflix—is not your typical Bollywood director.  I interviewed Ahluwalia last year and he was not what I expected, as I anticipated meeting the next big blockbuster Bollywood director.  He’s a down-to-earth guy, well-informed and totally aware of his field, and passionate about making movies that […]

A Present from Heaven, Anna Karina

  Wide-eyed and ever-engaging Anna Karina, star of seven Jean-Luc Godard films including: Vivre Sa Vie, Alphaville, and Pierrot Le Fou, has been charming New York City audiences over the past week to promote the recent restoration of Godard’s 1964 French New Wave classic Band of Outsiders. When asked which movie she made with Godard is her […]

The Nightmare: Blue Language and the Shadow Man, an interview with an Interviewee

“There’s nothing we can do when it chooses to visit us, but to breathe, keep our eyes open, and wait for morning.” —Kate Angus It’s not often that one of your dearest friends appears in a feature documentary. In fact, the closest I’ve come to that is when a high school classmate, was interviewed on […]

[Interview] with Director of Güeros Alonso Ruizpalacios

Director Alonso Ruizpalacios’ first feature-length film, Güeros, is part road movie, part social-historical inquiry, and part quest film that explores youth in the early days of the 1999 National University strike in Mexico City—a city shown as both a complicated character (friend and foe), and a place to drive around without purpose.  A partial shout-out to French […]

Making Movies that Matter: Interview with director of Miss Lovely, Ashim Ahluwalia

Niharika Singh I recently sat down to chat with director, Ashim Ahluwalia, whose first feature film, Miss Lovely, recently opened in New York City.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Ahluwalia is not what I expected, as I anticipated meeting the next big Bollywood director.  He’s a director’s director, a down-to-earth guy, well-informed on […]

Interview with David Picker, Author of Musts, Maybes and Nevers

A Movie Fan for Life Interview with David Picker, author of Musts, Maybes and Nevers: A book about the Movies David Picker’s new book, Musts, Maybes, and Nevers is a different kind of book about movies. This one comes from behind the desk, the executive side of the desk, as he recounts his years as president […]

Una Noche: from Havana to New York, an interview with director Lucy Mulloy

Last Sunday, as I passed by Lincoln Plaza Cinemas (West Side Manhattan’s Mecca for independent, foreign language, and Woody Allen films), I ran into a young woman frantically taping a poster of the film Una Noche onto a light pole. Odd behavior, I thought: A film with good reviews and playing at a nearby cinema. […]