A Present from Heaven, Anna Karina

Anna Karina
Anna Karina


Wide-eyed and ever-engaging Anna Karina, star of seven Jean-Luc Godard films including: Vivre Sa Vie, Alphaville, and Pierrot Le Fou, has been charming New York City audiences over the past week to promote the recent restoration of Godard’s 1964 French New Wave classic Band of Outsiders. When asked which movie she made with Godard is her favorite, she graciously confesses, “I cannot say because they were all so different. Each time I did a Godard film—even though he was difficult to work with (that’s another story)—it was like a present from heaven for me.”

To celebrate Band of Outsider and Anna and Jean-Luc’s collaboration seven heavenly presents are being featured at Film Forum.

Film Forum Anna & Jean-Luc

Band of Outsiders May 6 – 12

Le Petit SoldatMay 9

Made in U.S.A. – May 10

A Woman is a Woman – May 11

Pierrot Le FouMay 12

Vivre sa Vie – May 6

Alphaville – May 7

Band of Outsiders 5 Rialto Pictures

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