MoviefiedNYC’s New York Comic Con Wrap Up

“New York Comic Con (NYCC), one of the largest pop culture conventions in the world, descended on New York City this past October 8 -11.  If you spent any time at all at NYCC, you know there were lots and lots and LOTS of people crowding the Javits Center on the west side of Manhattan. ReedPop, the event producers, have confirmed that the official attendance at the show topped 167,000 people for the four day event. That is quite a bit more than last year’s attendance of 150,000.”

“The exhibit hall on the upper level of the Javits Center is home to nearly 1000 exhibitors selling everything a collector could dream of: toys, books, artwork, comics, games, videos, apparel and costume supplies, sold by companies hoping to cash in on fan enthusiasm. From the earliest moments of the show, the aisles of the main hall were clogged with attendees ogling the merchandise, talking with creators and publishers, and gawking at celebrities who occasionally make appearances at exhibitor booths.   On the lower levels, fans waited in long lines for celebrity autographs or queued up for panels and programs. This is where the real stars come out and where news is often made regarding fan-favorite films, TV shows and comics. The show’s centerpiece is the panels that can range from intimate discussions among fans and scholars to star-studded extravaganzas featuring the biggest names in the entertainment world.” –Rob Salkowitz Forbes

“San Diego Comic Con was all about blockbuster movies this year, the New York version largely focused on television. From Game of Thrones to Daredevil and Jessica Jones, our favorite super heroes are kicking just as much butt on TV as they are on the silver screen and certainly at New York Comic Con.” — from ABC News

-Myrna Duarte and Sydney Hamilton

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