Tribeca Film Festival: Focus on World Documentaries

There are twelve non-fiction features from across the globe that include timely exposés, compelling character studies, and true-life tales of passion in all its forms. Ranging from fascinating investigations of culture and issues on a global scale to deeply personal stories that expose audiences to different perspectives on the human condition. Reflecting the remarkable diversity of the Festival, these films delve into such far-ranging subjects as the struggle for democracy in Zimbabwe, Cuban drag racing, the art of sake making, the history of The New Yorker’s single-panel cartoon, and romance among autistic adults. Below are the four docs that caught our eye, but please check out the rest at the Tribeca Film Festival site.
medium_PALIO_web_1Palio is sure to be one of Tribeca’s standout features. What’s amazing about this documentary is that it’s just down right entertaining. You feel as if you are there at the races on the edge of your seat waiting to see who’s going to win, take bribes—or wipe out.

Autism In Love

Directed by Matt Fuller, Autism In Love examines the challenges of love and romance among autistic adults.

 The Birth of Saké


Director Erik Shirai’s love song to the artisans who have dedicated their lives to carrying on this increasingly rare artform follows the round-the-clock process for six straight months, offering a rare glimpse into a family-run brewery that’s been operating for over 100 years. I’m hoping for Jiro Dreams of Sushi redux.

 Havana Motor Club

Carlos in his '56 ThunderbirdPhotographer: Michael Coles

Reforms have offered opportunity in Cuba but the children of the Revolution are unsure of the best route forward. For a half-dozen drag racers, this means last-minute changes to their beloved American muscle cars, as they prepare for the first sanctioned race in Cuba since 1960. Directed Bent-Jorgen Perlmutt by Punctuated by a lively Cuban soundtrack, Havana Motor Club offers a fascinating glimpse at the resilience and ingenuity of the competitive spirit. Cuban version of Fast 7?


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