MoviefiedNYC’s Superman Poll Results

We asked who your favorite Superman was and you responded with a resounding majority of votes going to cinema’s original Superman, Christopher Reeve with 58% of your votes. You go Mr. Reeve, we’ll never forget you.
A few of you gave us your “wildcard entry” and wrote in some actors that you thought should get a chance to wear the cape or, at least, have had thje chance to play Superman. Here’s what you wrote:

“Tom Welling! mmmmm”
“James Franco with the Spring Breakers grill”
“JOE MANGANIELLO in a porno-ish version”
“Patton Oswald…no questions asked.”
“Almost anyone from true blood.”
“Alain Delon in his day.”

1) 58% – Christopher Reeve – Superman with a cowlick and a sense of humor. 

2) 29% – Henry Cavill – A darker, brooding fellow but he does fill the suit out quite nicely.

3) 11% – Brandon Routh – A reserved yet dashing Clark Kent.

4) 3% – George Reeves – Original all the way! 

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