Best Film You’ve Never Seen – Movie Quiz! Win a copy of the book!

The Best Film You’ve Never Seen – Movie Quiz winner is Kristen Welton. Her prize is a coveted copy of Robert K. Elders book and some semi-fabulous movie swag.
Congratulations Kristen!

At MoviefiedNYC we can’t get enough of Robert K. Elder’s new book The Best Film You’ve Never Seen, where 35 directors champion the forgotten or critically savaged movies they admire.  IPG books and Elder were generous enough to give us a few copies to giveaway to our readers. That immediately inspired us to create our first MoviefiedNYC Movie Quiz.

The answers to the quiz can be found on the internet and possibly in the pages of The Best Film You’ve  Never Seen–oops, you don’t have the book yet! Well, we can help you with that.  The participant that answers the most questions correctly will win a copy and some semi-fabulous movie swag.

Good luck, my fellow Cinema Buffs! – MD

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