Review: Now You See Me

Has there ever been a more unlikely movie star than Jesse Eisenberg? He has cornered the market on annoying nerds in all of his films (and in several stage plays that he has written and starred in). With a different haircut and some stubble, he finally seems to disappear into a role, fitting for a film with magic as a theme.

With a long early sequence reminiscent of The Incredible Burt Wonderstone (released just a few months prior), Eisenberg plays one of four magicians (alongside Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher, and Dave Franco) who somehow, with audience participation, manage to pull off an actual heist in Paris during their performance. Also in the audience is a professional magician-hoax exposer (Morgan Freeman). Enter detective Mark Ruffalo with his usual puppy dog act, this time paired with a French detective as well (Melanie Laurent).  Throw in Michael Caine in his 375th film and this is typical harmless big budget fare. Ruffalo takes up most of the screen time while Jesse and company are the more watchable characters, even if Isla Fisher looks distractingly like Amy Adams and Dave Franco similarly like his brother James. Magic in the movies is hard to pull off, this one offers some without quite pulling a rabbit out of a hat.
–Steven Brinberg


Steven Brinberg has been acclaimed for his vocal performance of Barbra Streisand for over a decade around the world. In addition to touring all over America, he has also played extensively in England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, Spain, Mexico and Canada, more cities then the real Barbra! He has appeared regularly in Symphony concerts across the U.S. with the late Marvin Hamlisch, Oscar-winning composer of “The Way we Were.”

He has also recorded two CDs and has appeared in several feature films and on television as well as onstage at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, The Kennedy Center and on Broadway in the benefit production of FUNNY GIRL which featured Whoopi Goldberg. In addition to doing Barbra he has appeared as an actor in films such as Boys Life and Camp and Off-Broadway in Ivanov at the Jewish Rep and workshops of Ken Page’s musical Night Life at the Westbeth and Manhattan Theatre Club and as the voice of David Spade on MTV’s Celebrity Deathmatch.
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