Yesterday’s News: May 6th, 2013

May 5th: Iron Man 3 totally tanked this weekend with $175 million opening. Source: Box Office Mojo

May 3rd: Benjamin Bratt has taken over voicing duties from Al Pacino for the role of villain Eduardo in the sequel Despicable Me 2, marking the first time Benjamin Bratt has been mentioned in the same sentence as Al Pacino. Source: Deadline

May 3rd: Men in Black 4 has gotten the green-light from Sony Pictures. Threat received, Sony. Source: The Wrap

May 2nd: Edgar Wright and the cast of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World reunited at Entertainment Weekly’s Cape Town this week. File under: Awesome. Sub-file Under: Why Haven’t You Seen Scott Pilgrim? Source: Entertainment Weekly

May 1st: I just can’t stop updating at this point: The newest addition to the Jane Got a Gun cast, Bradley Cooper, has left the film, citing scheduling conflicts. Source: The Hollywood Reporter

May 1st: Reese Witherspoon has booked her next role, as a sports reporter in the film Get Her Off the Pitch. She will start production after her current starring performance in her own E! True Hollywood Story. Source: Deadline 

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