Riding the Subway through Film: Subway Series (March 16 – April 25, 2013)

This month we are celebrating NYC subway’s impact on film with our Top 5 New York City Subway Movies. Also, we are excited to share with you Cinebeasts (a NY collective of filmmakers) Subway Series.

The subway, like cinema, is a vital communal experience that brings you elbow ­to­ elbow with your fellow New Yorkers. Beginning in March, over the course of eight weeks, Cinebeasts will explore the ‘daily miracle’ that is the New York City subway system by screening subway­ themed features, docs, and video ephemera at various theaters around the city, and even busking (performing in a public place) with short films underground.

The Subway Series is comprised of four “ab
ove ground” screenings and complemented by “underground” screenings at subway stops throughout the city.


FIRST STOP – April 6, 7:30pm
Information Super Subway 
(124 South 3rd Street, Brooklyn, between Bedford Ave. & Berry Street.)  

$5 Cinebeasts will present a homemade mega­mix of video ephemera examining the ego and the id of the Metropolitan Transit Authority. Representing the man is the MTA Youtube channel in all its institutional glory ­ PSAs, commercials, and wholesome archival footage of bygone days. Add to the mix the volatile treasure trove of buskers, brawlers, and surfers whose antics have been captured on phone­video by weary straphangers for over a decade.

NEXT STOP – April 14, 7pm
Going Underground 
(322 Union Ave. Williamsburg, Brooklyn) 

Suggested Donation $9. Cinebeasts presents a look back at the way the subway has inspired forty decades of tagging, graffiti, street art, and graphic design. The programs begins with a retrospective consisting of raw footage from the epic Underbelly Project, followed by Geoff Duncanson’s “Tunnel Stories,” profiling the present­day explorers (or are they vandals?) of New York’s complex network of underground passages. The program concludes with Manfred Kirchheimer’s “Spraymasters,” his 2008 feature­length documentary about the pioneering “writers” who broke molds ­ and laws ­ to make their art on the face of New York’s subway cars.

LAST STOP – April 25, 7pm 
Subway Series Finale

(32 Second Ave.NY, NY 10003)

Cinebeasts presents an omnibus program exploring the cinematic representation of the New York Subway System. Highlights include Anthology’s newly restored “El Atlantis,” Stan Brakhage’s “Wonder Ring,” highlights from our open call for short films we have “busked” with on the subway.


Throughout March and April the Cinebeast crew will set up makeshift movie theaters that consists of a folding table with portable DVD players. Straphangers will be able to walk up and pick whichever film they like, time it to their commute or by their mood (experimental, funny, etc).

Film Busking Schedule:
screenings will take place on the train platforms Wednesdays and Thursdays after rush hour and Sundays in the early evening.

Screening will take place at subway stops closest to the aboveground venues. North Brooklyn: popular L and G train stops, Lower Manhattan: F and 1 train stops are a few possible locations. Confirm locations by following Cinabeasts on Twitter @cinebeasts, or Facebook: www.facebook.com/cinebeasts

The Films:
The films are selections from Cinebeasts’s open call and other NYC Subway video ephemera (historical and contemporary).

Cinebeasts is a New York based collective of film nerds, vidiots, and programmers investigating the furthest reaches of the moving image universe. Since 2009 we have explored the limits of not only what to screen, but also where? and how? From the early days throwing gritty VHS tapes onto the basement wall of an LES Puerto Rican restaurant, to the more recent Gowanderlust a renegade film screening + walking tour around the Gowanus Canal we believe the context of a screening can and should be just as interesting as the content. Check www.cinebeasts.com for more information.


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