Best Actor Oscar Poll Results

Thanks to all who voted in our informal Oscar poll. We asked who you thought should win for Best Actor. The top two vote getters were pretty close, but you went for Joaquin Phoenix in The Master. Good choice, I must say! However, after winning the Golden Globe, SAG, and multiple critics choice awards, it looks like Daniel Day-Lewis will take home the Oscar for Best Actor. One of our readers wrote: “And the Academy Award goes to…Daniel Day-Lewis in Lincoln, obviously the best choice. Mister Lewis [submerges] himself in the role of Lincoln. Although very selective in his role choices, he always astounds. He makes you believe the film is truly happening.”

If Daniel Day-Lewis does win, this will be his third Oscar for Best Actor. No other male has won three Oscars in the Best Actor category; Katherine Hepburn won four as Best Actress. Jack Nicholson, Meryl Streep, and Ingrid Bergman each won two in Lead category and one in the Supporting category. Finally, Walter Brennan won three for Supporting Actor. But, who knows, Joaquin Phoenix may prohibit Mr. Day-Lewis from making history and take home his own well-deserved Academy Award for being this year’s master.

Best Actor in a Leading Role

1) Joaquin Phoenix, The Master 45%
2) Daniel Day-Lewis, Lincoln 36%
3) Bradley Cooper, Silver Linings Playbook 18%
4) Hugh Jackman, Les Misérables 0%
5) Denzel Washington, Flight 0%


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