Best Original Song Oscar Poll Results

Thank you to everyone who took part in our first ever MoviefiedNYC informal poll, we asked you who you thought should win for Best Original Song and here are the results. It’s no surprise that Adele’s latest hit, “Skyfall” was your top choice with 55%.  Tying for second place was the upbeat “Everybody Needs a Best Friend” from Ted, and, with a number of surprise write in votes, “Breath of Life” from  Snow White and the Huntsman. Well, Florence and the Machine will not be taking home an Oscar this year, but if the Academy votes like you, Adele will add another trophy to her extensive collection. By the way, this could be the first Original Song Oscar for a Bond film. The last Bond song to receive a nomination was “For Your Eyes Only” sung by Sheena Easton in 1982

Best Original Song Nominees

“Before My Time” from Chasing Ice – 0%
“Everybody Needs A Best Friend” from Ted -18%
“Pi’s Lullaby” from Life of Pi – 0%
“Skyfall” from Skyfall – 55%
“Suddenly” from Les Misérables – 9%
Other: “Breath of Life” from Snow White and the Huntsman
by Florence and the Machine – 18%

You won’t here this one at the Oscars, 
not-nominated for Best Original Song,
“Breath of Life” from Snow White and the Huntsman
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