Media For Lunch: Thanksgiving Fair

Your entertainment fix in 15 minutes or less.

I am going to assume you have your Thanksgiving viewing menu set with parades, football and A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, but I wanted to offer you few more viewing options to add to your plate. So eat, drink and watch merry. Happy Thanksgiving!  – MD
Yes, you are correct. It is a Thanksgiving horror movie. It’s a comedy-horror movie, but so awful. If you enjoy laughing at a bad movie, definitely add this one to your list. A gem of its own kind. 

Hannah and Her Sisters 

This Woody Allen film is set mostly in the time between two Thanksgivings. It remains one of Allen’s best films. 

The Ice Storm 

A darker option, about dysfunctional families and infidelity during the holiday season. Essential Ang Lee! 

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Consistently hilarious,  very funny road movie featuring great performances by the two leads that mixes physical, verbal and situational comedy. Their balance of chemistry and antagonism fills and makes every scene great with an undercurrent of melancholy between the laughs. 

Alice’s Restaurant

A larger-than-life, Thanksgiving classic, a recreation of Arlo Guthrie’s eponymous song, an entertaining romp through 1960s pop culture,

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