Moviefied’s Secret Guilty Pleasure Movie

Movefied shares our reader’s dirty little secrets, their favorite guilty pleasure movie.

…and it’s scented.” 

Who says campy movies can’t inspire great things?  A few years ago I was at home taking notes in preparation for a job interview in a completely different industry.  I had my all-time favorite guilty pleasure, Legally Blonde, playing in the background.  At the point where Elle Woods, played by Reese Witherspoon, presents her perfume-scented pink résumé, I had a convergence of thoughts on what MY pink résumé would look like.  I thought, What skills could I take from my old career and apply to the new one? How could I stand apart from my (more experienced) competition? How could I prove that I understood the needs of the organization?  The result, my own résumé became a scented (it’s true) customized Elle-inspired pitch book that showed how I would help the company grow.  Because of the inspiration Elle Woods provided, I got the job, and I’ve been happily thriving as a philanthropic consultant ever since.  Thank you, Legally Blonde!



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