MOVIEFIED: Movie News from the Twitterverse

What we learned this week about the movies in 140 characters or fewer.
Trailer Life of PI
 @ An interesting (and SPOILER filed) examination of the portrayal of faith in LIFE OF PI
John Waters chooses his Top 10 Films 

Spike Lee’s Oldboy Set For October 2013 Release 

Koji Wakamatsu – Ecstasy of the Angels (天使の恍惚) 1972

The great Koji Wakamatsu passed away today. Two of his films are streaming on : CATERPILLAR and UNITED RED ARMY
RT : HOT NEW TRAILER:  + our girl Lizzy Caplan in new trailer for romantic comedy SAVE THE DATE

@Indiewire’s Sundancefest – 10 Underdog Actors That Deserve Oscar’s Attention This Year: Fingers crossed for the 7 #Sundance alums!


One hand can make a lot of difference.. lol 

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