Streaming on Netflix: The Nightmare

To highlight one of the many movies we’ve covered in the past that’s now currently streaming on Netflix, we are reposting our 2015 feature on The Nightmare. The interview below features one of the stars of The Nightmare, Kate Angus who recently published her beautifully realized debut book So Late to the Party. “There’s nothing we can do […]

The Nightmare: Blue Language and the Shadow Man, an interview with an Interviewee

“There’s nothing we can do when it chooses to visit us, but to breathe, keep our eyes open, and wait for morning.” —Kate Angus It’s not often that one of your dearest friends appears in a feature documentary. In fact, the closest I’ve come to that is when a high school classmate, was interviewed on […]

Falling: a Prose Poem about Sunshine Superman

Vertigo, as Hitchcock taught us with his dolly zoom, is a sense of false rotation. It is disorientation, a spiraling as if sliding down through the slick whorls of a nautilus or a girl-in-the-clock-tower’s long plunge to doom. Kundera, years and oceans later, conflated vertigo with both the fear of falling and “the voice of […]