Five Classic Horror Movies from the Zealot

Sure, you could watch a classic horror movie this like Halloween, Psycho, or The Thing, but why not try some offbeat chillers to give you the holiday shivers? Here are 5 flicks guaranteed to raise the goosebumps. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1941) This film version of Robert Louis Stevenson’s tale of a scientist’s experiments […]

Goodbye Wes Craven, and Thanks for the Nightmares

When Scream came out in 1996, it revitalized the slasher genre and awoke something special in me: from that moment on, I would always be a horror buff. I’m starting with Scream because for me, it represents some of the best cinema of the 1990s and I will always be a ‘90s kid at heart. […]

We Should Have Gone to the Beach: The Gory Absurdity of "Dead Snow"

The other day I passed by an independent theater in New York’s Greenwich Village that was advertising a film called Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead on the marquee. The title piqued my interest and after a little research I learned that it was the sequel to a horror/comedy film from 2009 that has already […]

Mid-Week Pick Me Up: The Halloween Edition

Halloween is quite possibly the perfect holiday. As a child you get to dress up, go out, collect some candy from your neighbors, and gorge on sugar while watching some scary cartoons. As an adult you get to dress up, go out, collect some drinks from your bartenders, go home to watch some scary movies […]