The Lobster: Today’s Singles are Tomorrow’s Voiceless Animals — or Crustaceans

The Lobster, which was awarded the Grand Jury Prize at last year’s Cannes Film Festival, is the kind of bizarre film I crave. Set in the near future, it takes an absurdist angle to explore what it means to be single (“Single? What’s wrong with you?”). In this gray futuristic story, the uncoupled are arrested […]

Media for Lunch: Animated short – Clara (2005)

Media for Lunch: your entertainment fix in fifteen minutes or less. Clara is melancholy in tone yet playfully conceived by new-media artist Van Sowerwine. Through twelve-year-old Clara Van Sowerwine explores the pain of loss in this beautifully shot stop-motion animated short. Clara won Special Mention and was a Best Short Film nominee at Cannes Film Festival […]