The Invitation

the-invitation-poster-large_1200_1744_81_sThrillers often try to throw as much in your face as possible, drowning you with so much that you almost have no choice but to succumb to the eerie nature of the film. However, The Invitation has an abundant amount of subtleties that kept me glued to the screen and in anticipation of what would happen next. I felt invested in trying to figure out where everything was heading and minute details sprinkled throughout kept me questioning how it would all end, which was very satisfying. The Invitation Will (Logan Marshall-Green) and his new girlfriend are invited to a reunion with Will’s old group of friends. Coincidentally and awkwardly enough, the dinner was hosted at the house of Will’s ex-wife, Eden (Tammy Blanchard) and new her boyfriend, David (Michiel Huisman). While dinner a party and catching up with friends is usually a casual affair, Will soon begins to grow suspicious of Eden and David’s motives for reuniting everyone.

I personally went into The Invitation knowing little to nothing about what the film was about and what would happen. This made the viewing experience one that I will remember for a while. The Invitation encapsulates what a true modern day horror movie should look like. I cannot stress enough how chilling the climax of the film was, especially the final shot. The ending was impressive and the film’s direction felt effortless while obviously being extremely thought out and methodical. Some people may argue that the pacing was a little slow but I think the buildup to the intense final moments of the film was absolutely perfect and carried out beautifully. As the film’s layers are peeled back [in just the right pace that keeps the viewer engaged], the gripping and chilling nature of the film captivated me in a way that a lot of thrillers fail to do. The film’s cinematography was beautifully crafted and perfectly matched the film’s tone. The ending shot of the film is absolutely chilling, capturing the dark essence of the film. The Invitattheinvitation-mv-4ion’s slow pace is exactly what makes the tone of the film so effective. Without the buildup, I think The Invitation would greatly falter in success.

In order to not ruin the viewing experience, I have chosen to not to disclose film specifics but I will say that The Invitation is by far one of the best thrillers I have seen in a while. The film transcends so many attempts at getting a thriller right and does so with amazing character performances, cinematography and shock value to be remembered for years to come.

—Oscar Flores


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