MoviefiedNYC’s TV recap: 11/3-11/9

Sorry for the lack of a recap last week! Looks like you’ll have to decide if those episodes were worth watching on your own. 
Monday, 11/3
“God my career has really gone downhill since The O.C.”
Gotham: Gotham got better again? Maybe I’m confusing “better” with “more complicated.” This week on nobody’s favorite superhero-without-a-superhero drama, Oswald turns out to be a double agent, Harvey’s personality does a complete 180, and Gordon, Renee, and Crispus are now best friends. Okay. So last week left off with Oswald revealing to Gotham that he’s still alive, so of course everyone is pissed at Gordon. This means that Renee and Crispus now get that he’s a good guy, so they help him, and Harvey suddenly realizes the error of his ways and decides that he wants to be a good guy too. If you’re shrugging your shoulders in confusion, I assure you I feel the same way. Just go with it though, because it means that Harvey gets to funny and likable for once, rather than just a caricature of every bad 70s cop drama. This episode is a lot of posturing between Falcone and Maroni as they each vie for power in Gotham, but to be entirely honest, it’s not the least bit interesting. Oswald turns out to be working for Falcone the entire time, which is vaguely more interesting. I’m gonna be real here and they that I’m not sure how much longer I’m going to stick with this show. It’s been seven episodes and I still don’t care. Worth watching? Not really.
Sleepy Hollow: This episode gets a little daytime drama for me. Katrina’s pregnant! And the baby’s not Ichabod’s??? It’s actually Moloch’s, or rather, it is Moloch, after he impregnated her with… a spider? It’s best not to question these kinds of things. So Katrina escapes and ends up at the hospital where Abbie and Ichabod pick her up and decide the best thing to do right now is dress her in leather pants, a tank top, and a corset, because we wouldn’t want her to feel too uncomfortable in these modern times, right? The whole plot of the episode is to terminate the pregnancy before Katrina gives birth to Moloch and dies in the process. Because obviously. They manage to do so because Ichabod finds a bit of the aurora borealis that was captured and put inside a bit of glass (thank god these characters are so good because the weekly plots are getting more and more unbelievable each episode), and Ichabod magically learns CPR (which he did not know last episode when Abbie was drowning in the library), and the day is saved. Okay. Worth watching? For Ichabod’s hair being down? Yes, please. 
Tuesday, 11/4
“Is it true that we’re the only TV show that will actually utter the word ‘bisexual’ out loud?”
Faking It
Faking It: This week on Faking It: the group date from hell! Shane convinces Karma to crash Amy and Reagan’s date so that he can bring his “trainer” (you know, the closeted guy he’s seeing), and it’s a total disaster. Amy hasn’t actually told Reagan about her history with Karma (or anything about Karma at all) and it causes serious drama. Reagan gets pissed and runs off, Amy follows, and Karma follows them, even though Liam (who I guess has to have a good idea once in a while) tells her not to. Amy flips and tells Karma to leave and she makes up with Reagan, which I’m pretty happy about because it’s about time Amy gets to be stable and happy for once. Also, Lauren and Theo finally sort out their issues, and I’m also super happy about that because Lauren’s weirdly become the most endearing character on the show. In the end, the unhappy couple is Karma and Liam, who are having a serious fight, but honestly I just don’t care. They are the least interesting people on this show. Worth watching? Like I keep telling you every week, yes!!!
The Mindy Project: I’m making the decision to stop recapping The Mindy Project here. Recapping the twenty-two minute comedy is more difficult than I thought, and I’m afraid I’m doing it a disservice because recapping comedy just doesn’t translate very well. Rest assured that I strongly believe every episode of this show is worth watching, however, so take my advice and watch it the day after it airs while you’re eating breakfast, or something. The same goes for Brooklyn Nine-Nine.
Thursday, 11/6
How to Get Away With Murder: No case of the week this time, just the actual case. The murder of Lila Stangard, that is. The big upset is that it turns out Lila had been six weeks pregnant when she died. Yikes. Less important but no less interesting: Connor get a lot of character development and is very sad about Oliver, but when he goes to Oliver’s apartment with flowers, he finds out that Oliver is dating someone new. Rebecca and Wes finally sleep together, but honestly their relationship is so forced and boring to me, I really don’t buy it. A pretty intense week, all in all. Worth watching? Yup. 
Scandal: Scandal really upped its game this week. Long story short: Cyrus has proof that his new boyfriend is actually spying on him, Olivia and Fitz now know that it was Rowan and not Jake who ordered the death of Fitz’s son, Mellie’s  back on top, Javier (Huck’s son) traced Huck’s IP address and found him (like father like son), and Abby was forced to confront her ex-husband (the one that abused her) when he decided to run for senator. Luckily, not just Olivia but also Chip’s own campaign manager banded together and made sure he would not be elected, so I’m pretty happy about that. It was such a good episode for Abby and I’m so proud of her. Worth watching? Yes!
Sunday, 11/9
“It was my dream to be the first Nobel Prize winner with a mullet.”
The Walking Dead
Brooklyn Nine-Nine: I’m making the decision to stop recapping Brooklyn Nine-Nine here. Recapping the twenty-two minute comedy is more difficult than I thought, and I’m afraid I’m doing it a disservice because recapping comedy just doesn’t translate very well. Rest assured that I strongly believe every episode of this show is worth watching, however, so take my advice and watch it the day after it airs while you’re eating breakfast, or something. The same goes for The Mindy Project.
The Walking Dead: Watching the Walking Dead is like playing the lottery. You never know which characters you’ll focus on this week. This time it’s Eugene, Abraham, Rosita, Glenn, Maggie, and Tara, the DC-bound crew. We get much more of Abraham and Eugene’s backstory this episode, and it actually explains Abraham quite well, i.e. why he’s so single-minded and furious in everything he does, and why he’s so intense about this mission. The big reveal this episode is that Eugene is not actually a scientist after all! This was actually spoiled for me about two minutes before it happened on the show because I was idiotically reading the wiki page about his character while I was watching. So it turns out he made everything up because he knows he can’t survive the zombie apocalypse without help, and he thought nobody would help him unless he had a valuable skill set. Yikes. Oh, it also turns out that Abraham and Rosita are lovers, which disappointed me, because I honestly thought she and Tara would hook up. So we’re left wondering: now what? Eugene’s supposed cure was all a lie, so what are they going to do now? I guess we’ll have to tune in next week to find out. Worth watching? It’s not nearly as compelling or interesting as last week, but yeah, I guess so. 
Tune in next week to find out if Karma stops being the most selfish person on the planet, if Wes and Rebecca actually manage to conjure up some chemistry, and if I will ever find out what happened to Carol. By my estimate we’ll have a Rick-centric episode next week, so hopefully Daryl will fill us in.

– Mariana Zavala

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