The Ultimate Woody Allen Trivia Contest

It’s time for another MoviefiedNYC trivia contest. Almost more than watching movies, we love giving away books about movies. To celebrate the recent release of The Ultimate Woody Allen Film Companion by Jason Bailey, we’ve put together a few trivia questions that any Woody Allen fan will enjoy.

The first contestant to answer the most questions correctly will win a copy of The Ultimate Woody Allen Film Companion and some semi-fabulous movie swag. If you don’t want to wait for the contest results, just buy the book; it really is, indeed, the “ultimate” film companion to Mr. Allen’s impressive catalog of work that includes Midnight in ParisHanna and Her Sisters, and Annie Hall. Author Jason Bailey has put together an easy to follow and thorough guide that is punctuated with laugh-out-loud quotes, movie stills, insights into Woody’s artistic influences, his working methods, his muses, and even his Manhattan with a map of filming locations that finally answers the question: Where in the West Village did Alvy and Annie have their first kiss? 

Don’t be a schlemiel, scroll down and enter the contest! 

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