Media for Lunch: Goodbye, Robin Williams (1951–2014)

“You’re only given a little spark of madness. If you lose that, you’re nothing.”
—Robin Williams

MoviefiedNYC bids farewell to cinema great, Robin Williams. American movies in the last thirty years would have been a lot less interesting without this comic genius, an actor who created a myriad of characters with depth, complexity, originality, and warmth. It’s impossible to imagine my early moviegoing years without the incredible array of personalities he unleashed on the big screen—with such characters as Vladimir Ivanoff from Moscow on the Hudson, Adrian Cronauer from Good Morning, Vietnam, John Keating from Dead Poets Society, Parry from The Fisher King, Aladdin’s Genie, Mrs. Doubtfire, and Dr. Sean Maguire from Good Will Hunting. Those are only a small sampling out of the nearly sixty movies that Mr. Williams appeared in. It has been a joy over the years to sit in dark movie theaters and watch each new creation come out of the head of this master who, in every role, surrendered to the creative beast to release his “spark of madness” on screen and take us to unique places unlike any other actor. Robin Williams was undeniably an original whose art was realized before our eyes. 
 —John David West

Featured on Entrainment Weekly, A video tribute 
 Robin Williams: In Memoriam

  From WatchMojo here are their 
Top 10 Robin Williams Performances

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