Mid-Week Pick Me Up: Disaster Movies

It’s Wednesday, it’s November, and the clock’s have gone back. It’s getting dark by the time you leave work, there is a serious chill in the air that reminds you to invest in a new winter coat, and you just saw an advertisement for Christmas. Summer has most definitely come and gone and all thats left to do is put on the popcorn, dim down the lights, and spend the next few hours feeling better about your day! Sure, you missed the train. Yes, it so cold you can see your breath. Indeed, hump day will probably make you feel like work is dragging on longer than you thought humanly possible, but keep in mind, it could always be worse! New York could freeze over in a freak super storm, you could trip into an acid lake or alien’s could attack! This week MoviefiedNYC lists the Top 5 Disaster Movies!

1. Turbulence (1997)

This is a disaster movie that is so bad its good. Self aware humor, a ridiculous plot premise and corny tag lines will remind you that this movie is “a killer ride”. The films opens on Christmas Eve, we find ourselves on a transcontinental 757 commercial flight, and beside us are two convicted killers. Brendan Gleeson has an American accent, Ray Liotta is a smooth talking serial killer and Lauren Holly is the woman to save us all! “Prepare for impact.”

2. Twister (1996)

“The Beautiful yet Destructive side to life,” this is the poetic tag line of an amazing ’90s movie where Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton star as a couple separated by marriage but brought together by killer tornadoes. This is a disaster drama with true romance. Enjoy corny jokes, love triangles, and of course incredibly complex and scientific lines such as “The Suck Zone. It’s the point basically where the twister…sucks you up.”

3.The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

Once you get past the fact hat Jake Gylenhall is a 24 year old man playing a teenage kid you can really start to enjoy this film. New York City becomes a disaster zone for extreme floods, insane storms, and eventually, an ice age. The city looks beautiful and intensely strange as it is submerged in ice and snow. Famous landmarks stand alone above clean and quiet ground while survivors desperately fight for their lives. This is THE movie to watch on any given snow day. Tag line: “Nature has spoken.”

4. Dante’s Peak (1997)

It seems that the ’90s were a great time for disaster movies. This time around Pierce Brosnan and Linda Hamilton are the every day heroes who try to save their community from yet another natural disaster. A dormant volcano is about to become active and no one is safe. Ash, lava, acid lakes and pyroclastic clouds reign in the small town and it’s up to Brosnan and Hamilton to save the day. Tag line: “Whatever you do, don’t look back”.

5. Independence Day (1996)

Another ’90s disaster drama but with an extraterrestrial twist! Will Smith is the ever-charming hero who sets out to save planet earth from an alien invasion, however, he’s not alone as Bill Pullman, Jeff Goldblum, Judd Hirsch, Margaret Colin, and Viva A. Fox all lend a hand in fighting the good fight against the supernatural invaders of earth. Tag line: “On July 2nd, they arrive. On July 3rd, they strike. Only July 4th, we fight back.”

Honorable Mention: The Towering Inferno (1974)

Steve McQueen. Paul Newman. OJ Simpson. Fred Astaire. Faye Dunaway. Need I say more?

Tag line: “One Tiny Spark Becomes A Night Of Blazing Suspense.” 
– Sinann Fetherston

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