MoviefiedNYC’s – Recorded in Muscle Shoals, AL Contest – Part 3

It is no secret that at MoviefiedNYC we are great fans of Muscle Shoals, check out our review The Unforgettable Sound of Muscle ShoalsTo mark the launch of Muscle Shoals the producers have commissioned a contemporary design studio, Aesthetic Apparatus, to re-design 12 vinyl sleeves of some of the biggest tracks recorded in Muscle Shoals including “Respect” and “Sweet Home Alabama”. They are creating a limited edition poster of all 12 artworks, and you could win a copy of the poster along with a CD of the film’s soundtrack!

The artworks will be posted here on, on the Muscle Shoals Facebook and Muscle Shoals Twitter accounts over the coming days and weeks, and all you need to do to enter is like/comment on these Facebook posts, or tweet/retweet the artworks using #muscleshoalswin.

We posted the first four selections on October 9th, and second four on October 16th  click on —  Recorded in Muscle Shoals, AL Contest –  Part 1 or Recorded in Muscle Shoals, AL Contest – Part 2 to view those options.

Here is the last batch of four. Now start tweeting!


“Patches” by Clarence Carter

“Sweet Home Alabama” by Lynryd Skynryd

“Tell Mama” by Etta James
“When a Man Love a Woman” by Percy Sledge

Full Terms & Conditions of the contest can can be found here,

Twitter: @moviefiednyc

Mailing List & Submissions:

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