Midweek Pick-Me-Up: Wednesday Wine Day

Wednesday is an annoyance. It’s not as fun as Friday, not as organized as Monday, nor is it as relaxing as Sunday. However, MoviefiedNYC is here to say farewell to Hump Day and hello to Wine Wednesday! To celebrate this new, midweek, perspective I have compiled a list of some of the best drinking movies to compliment your wine filled evening. Sit back, relax and read on to receive a little comedy with your Cabernet, something side-splitting for your Sauvignon and perhaps even some wit to accompany your wine.

1. The Hangover

The Hangover may well be the best “boys trip to Vegas” party movie ever made. We do not watch a group of men get drunk, party hard and drink their brain cells to death – that would be too easy. Instead, we watch four men wake up to utter destruction, wild animals and stranger’s babies. We wake up along side them in utter devastation and confusion until we slowly but surely face the fear and attempt to find out what the hell happened last night. 

2. Old School

This film was made purely on the assumption that people would want to watch Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn and Sean William Scott party together in a frat house. Good call movie makers. This party film will make every single college graduate nostalgic for the days of beer pong, beer bongs and beerathons. In fact, it may just inspire you to follow in the steps of Mitch and start your very own frat house for adults, if so, I’ll be the first to pledge. 

3. Superbad

Best friends Michael Cera and Jonah Hill decide to celebrate the end of high school by attending the beautiful Emma Stone’s house party. Christopher Mitz-Plasse plays the third wheel best friend with access to a fake ID and the three promise to be the booze suppliers of the party. Of course this is no easy task and the friends take on a night of drunken adventures that include Bill Hader and Seth Rogen as the best buddy cop duo imaginable. Best line of the film? “I am McLovin.”

4. Grabbers

This comedy-horror is one for the books as it plays with stereotypes, genres and mass amounts of alcohol. An alien race of blood sucking monsters lands on Earth and preys on innocent victims. These terrifying monsters are almost invincible, their only weakness being alcohol…luckily enough for the human race, they decided to land in Ireland! This is a first rate drinking film and a fantastic addition to the comedy-horror genre.

5. Beerfest

Better known as the Fight Club of beer games, Beerfest is the story of two brothers who uncover an underground beer drinking competition. Of course they can’t turn their backs on such a game and decide to compete. Predictably, they fail miserably next to the other professional drinks and so they vow to assemble an unlikely team of misfit men to compete in the games the following year. The men “train” year long, uncover some family secrets and drink an inordinate amount of alcohol. As the tagline says, this movie is “comedy on tap”.
Finally, we must remember that while these movies are a lot of fun to watch they are absolutely not to be re-enacted. These stories portray a fictional amount of alcohol and if any real human were to try it their internal organs would die an all too real death. Please drink responsibly and let the movies do the hard work! Tweet us @Moviefied NYC and let us know what your favorite drinking movies are!
– Sinann Fetherston

Twitter: @moviefiednyc
Submissions: moviefiednyc@gmail.com

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