Flash Review Friday: Dazed and Confused

I hope you are happily winding down after yesterday’s 4th of July festivities. And what better way to do that than with a new addition to MoviefiedNYC’s weekly posts. Fridays will now provide you with Flash Review Fridays, a quick collection of thoughts about a movie, old or new. With yesterday having been Independence Day, it’s only right that the movie pay homage to the celebration of freedom.

This week’s movie is director, Richard Linklater’s Dazed and Confused (1993). It’s a coming of age comedy that follows a group of high school teenagers during their last day of school in May of 1976. As high schoolers, they are ready to celebrate their freedom (how appropriate) and take on all the fun that summertime has to offer. The movie gives rise to likeable characters, good-natured laughs and an organic look into these teenagers’ lives. 
Overall, the film effectively portrays what it was like to be in high school during the ’70s in a way that perfectly captured the spirit of the decade. As a fan of the 70s, it was a pleasant surprise that this movie didn’t live up to its “just another teen movie” look. With that in mind, don’t judge a book by its cover and check out Dazed and Confused. It may not be Independence Day or Forrest Gump, but here at MoviefiedNYC, we’re all about innovation and keeping things fresh. Dazed and Confused honors a different kind of freedom and while watching it, you can’t help but remember when you were in their shoes, waiting for the clock to strike 3:00, finally free of school, and ready for some summer fun. Those were the days…
–Oscar Flores

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