Media For Lunch: Harmion

Occasionally at MoviefiedNYC we stumble upon a film, still in production, that catches our eye and we feel it is our duty to support their work by sharing it with you. That’s the case with Long Wednesday Productions ambitious quest to produce the fantasy feature Harmion. 

Harmion is brought to us by director Richard Swingle, and produced by Adam Harvey, having previously worked together on In This Room (Honorable Mention: Ionian International Digital Film Festival). The pair are now setting their sights on an altogether more ambitious task in producing Harmion, which aims to take the bold, exciting world of fantasy and myth and combine it with a powerful, human drama about a troubled man trying to live up to his expectations as a father and a husband.

With a script written and the creative development substantially done, the team has now turned to Kickstarter to raise early-stage finance to get the production ready for the big screen. As producer Adam Harvey explains, “funded development is an important part of the film-making process that has proven difficult for independent producers to access in the past. Crowd funding sites like Kickstarter are an amazing way for filmmakers to raise that early finance, which is essential for making sure their films are ready for the marketplace as a creative and a business proposition. It’s also fantastic as a tool for introducing your project to the world, building a community around your film and finding an audience long before the cameras have started rolling”.
The team has already produced an impressive promotional trailer for their Kickstarter campaign, showing off the stunning landscapes and locations Wales has to offer, as well as a tantalizing glimpse of the story itself.

“Rather than asking people to imagine Harmion, we wanted to try and create something that gave audiences a real insight into the world”, said director Richard Swingle. “The look and feel of this ancient land is so important to the story that we had to put it at the heart of our campaign”. It seems to be having the desired effect, with a strong opening weekend to the campaign as buzz continues to build around the project.

The campaign itself offers a variety of perks, including HD downloads of the teams’ previous feature In This Room, exclusive updates on the film’s production, high-definition wallpaper of the beautiful concept art and a chance to own a digital copy of the film once it’s completed. There is also the opportunity to attend a cast and crew screening of the film and become a full-fledged Executive Producer. “As the campaign develops in the coming weeks, I’m sure there will also be a few surprises thrown in,” suggests Harvey.

“Each individual’s contribution is vitally important,” says Harvey. “We look forward to
working with our backers to bring this exciting and unique story to life”.

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