Yesterday’s News: March 25th, 2013

March 24th: The prehistoric animated comedy The Croods opened to Woolly Mammoth-sized numbers this weekend, grossing an impressive $44 million. Disappointingly, coming in second place was the Gerard Butler fronted White House-under-siege thriller, Olympus Has Fallen with $30 million. This was not disappointing for Butler, of course, who is back on top after a string of flops, but rather for me and my one man crusade to remind the world that Gerard Butler is not a movie star. Source: Box Office Mojo

March 22nd: After years of directing episodes of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Modern Family and Happy Endings, “Kevin Arnold” himself has been tapped to direct the upcoming Charlize Theron comedy Ladies Night. I speak for the world when I say that if Fred Savage is the next Ben Affleck, we are all totally on board. Source: The Hollywood Reporter

March 21st: File under: “Squeeeeeeeee“, Rob Thomas has announced plot details for the upcoming, Kickstarter fronted Veronica Mars movie. Sub-file: “Ermahgerd!Source: Entertainment Weekly

March 20th: The new Simon Pegg-Edgar Wright movie, The World’s End, has been pushed up from October to this August. Hopefully, this movie is a return to the glory of Shaun of the Dead, about stoner zombie fighters, after the misstep that was Paul, about a stoner alien.

March 20th: The much-maligned Natalie Portman western lost both it’s director Lynne Ramsay (We Need to Talk About Kevin) and co-star Jude Law this week. The production knew it was in trouble when they heard the term “Natalie Portman Western.” Source: Deadline

March 19th: Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters was recently green-lit for a sequel. This is particularly bad news for star Jeremy Renner who was visibly confounded, and a little bit annoyed, by his participation in the original film. Source: Los Angeles Times

March 18th: Mega-producer Joel Silver has announced his intention to reboot the John Carpenter sci-fi classic, Escape from New York. The new film will be a prequel meant to set-up the dystopian nature of the later films, in which the island of Manhattan became a maximum security prison. To create these hellish circumstances the film will actually be a documentary about commuting via the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. Source: Entertainment Weekly

March 18th: Nick Jonas has landed his first big screen leading role in Careful What You Wish For, a psychological thriller about a young man who has an affair with his neighbor and gets caught up in the suspicious circumstances surrounding her husband’s death. The title also refers to every 11-year old girl who wished for Nick Jonas to be a movie star in 2008. Source: Deadline

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