MoviefiedNYC"s 2013 Oscars Contest Winner

Congratulations to our Oscars Contest Winners
We are happy to announce that Sharon Borrege of Santa Cruz, California, is once again, our contest winner! This time Sharon won our 2013 Oscars Contest. Here are a few of the prizes Ms. Borrega won: a Colombiana backpack, Beautiful Creatures gift pack, and other semi-fabulous movie swag. 
We are also happy to announce this year’s runner up winner, Trish Mistric from Hutto, Texas. Ms. Mistric won a Beautiful Creatures gift pack and other semi-fabulous movie swag. Trish is a photographer and sells her work online. You are welcome to visit Trish’s website and view her beautiful portfolio at 
You can also follow Trish and her work on Facebook:
Starlite Theater, an abandoned theater located in Brenham, Texas  – Photo by Trish Mistric 
Thanks to everyone who participated. 
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