MoviefiedNYC’s Snow Day Movies

Our Top Three Snow Movies for a Snow Day!

As the nor’easter pounds the Northeastern U.S. with wind and snow, we thought we would share with you our favorite snow movies. So, throw some salt on the stoop, warm up some coco, wrap yourself in your Snuggy, and sit back to watch some good old snow movies. 

Amy’s horror snow movies

One of our earlier contributors, Amy Minter, a Minnesota native who loves a good snowstorm, shares with us her top three snow horror movies. “Snow and winter [are] bleak and has a tendency to make people a little nutty. What’s better than bundling up and scaring the crap out of yourself while the wind and snow are carrying on? Booze and horror movies!”

1. The Shining

2. Let the Right One In

3. Misery

Myrna’s top three snow movies

1. The Grey

2. Touching the Void

3. 30 Days of Night

David’s top three snow movies

1. Fargo

2. The Thing

3. The Empire Strikes Back

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