Guilty-Pleasure Movie: Chick Flicks Anonymous

Hello. My name is Ali and I’m addicted to chick flicks. Now, I’m not talking about Out Of Africaor Terms of Endearment, Fried Green Tomatoes or Steel Magnolias. I’m not even talking about Bridget Jones’s Diary, which I heartily and heartfully adore: I could watch that movie for days. I’m talking about those shiny, lip gloss-coated, cosmo-flavored movies like Something Borrowed & He’s Just Not That Into You, movies that draw me in, no matter how many times I’ve seen them or how much my intellectual self protests. I curl up on my couch with a tasty snack and maybe a cat or two and settle in. 
He’s Just Not That Into You

I watch intently as the awkward girl falls in love with the wrong guy or the guy next-door or the guy she’s known for years. Better yet, I’ll watch when she falls for her boss or her best friend’s boyfriend or her cheating ex-husband or even her dead husband’s unknown best friend on the day he happens to stroll into town. I am mesmerized as our heroine’s pretty, shallow, Jimmy-Choo-clad “bestie” leaves her behind to pet-sit an ailing poodle as she galavants off to Paris with HIM!

Something Borrowed

I fall hook, line and sinker whenever the sassy minority office-mate offers to heal our heroine’s damaged soul with girl talk over too much ice cream and a couple bottles of wine. And when the star-crossed lovers finally have that awkward moment on the roof-top of her impeccably decorated Manhattan apartment, the one that no assistant editor of children’s books could ever afford, my mind goes blank with bliss: my bills, my troubles, and my muffin top float off into the ether and for a moment, all’s right with the world.

When I lived alone, I could revel in these ladies and their miseries. I would devote entire evenings or even weekends to their horrible best friends, their lost and found loves. But my husband would rather be covered in honey and left above a hill of wasps than indulge this guilty pleasure with me, so now, I must sneak chick flicks on-demand in stolen moments alone or hope for a lady marathon on Wewhenever I need a fix. Hours later, when he finds me on the couch and asks what I did with my afternoon, I’ll just smile sweetly and say I must have fallen asleep with the TV on.

– Ali _______

                                                                 He’s JustNot That Into You – Trailer

                                                                       Something Borrowed – Trailer
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