Guilty-Pleasure Movie: AIRPLANE, or “Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue”

Surely, you can’t be serious?

Yes, I’m serious. I usually reserve a guilty-pleasuremovie for when I’m sick. They are so soothing in their familiarity, and since I’ve seen them many times, it doesn’t matter if I doze off. My top pick for this sort of movie would have to be Airplane! Not only does it bring back fond memories of various versions of Airport and other cheesy disaster movies from my childhood, its admittedly juvenile humor still cracks me up, no matter how thoroughly I’ve committed every gag to memory. Share your favorite Airplane memory with me, or even just watch it with me, and we’ll be bonded for life! And, don’t call me Shirley!
—Christina Chichester

Joey, have you ever been in a… in a Turkish prison? 

Christina Chichester is the adult services librarian for the Cinnaminson branch of the Burlington County, New Jersey library. Christina, an avid movie lover, announced that the library is a great source for borrowing movies (that means, FREE). “Our public libraries need patron support to keep them alive.” They need us to check out DVDs—for FREE. Christina went on to say, “Lots of people don’t know that they can use [the] Inter-Library loan to track down hard-to-find titles. Some libraries will even mail books and movies to your home, AND some have a collection of non-fiction titles that can be streamed to your computer. For free! Take that, Netflix!”

“Oh Stewardess, I speak jive.” 

Just for fun: YouTube Clip

And Leon is getting laaaaarrrrrger. 
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