Media for Brunch: Everything Jaws

Brody, Quint and Hooper say Happy Birthday 

In celebration of Myrna Duarte’s Birthday Day: 




Jaws Blu-ray DVD: Behind The Scenes,

Shooting On The Ocean

Jaws Recut trailer: Must Love Jaws

Bunnies: Jaws

Jaws Trivia from IMDb:

Steven Spielberg named the shark Bruce after his lawyer. 

When it was initially released in the summer 1975, over sixty-seven million Americans went to see the movie, making it the first summer blockbuster. 

Steven Spielberg shot roughly 25 percent of the film from water level to provide the viewers the perspective as if they were treading water.

Voted Number 3 in Total Film‘s list 100 Greatest Movies Of All Time”  (November 2005). 

This was voted the sixth scariest film of all time by Entertainment Weekly.

Was ranked the second greatest thriller on the AFI‘s list of “100 Films…Thrills.” 

Happy Birthday Myrna!
(She loves Jaws)


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