Guilty-Pleasure Movies: Grease

Moviefied NYC shares with you our reader’s dirty little secrets, their favorite guilty-pleasure movie.                            


“Tell me about it, Stud!” 

 “You talking about me, Riz?”

“Well, you know how it is—rockin’ and rollin’ and whatnot.” Need I say more? Grease is the word, and if it’s ever on, I drop everything to watch it!! —Jenny L. Saldaña.

Jenny L. Saldaña

Contributing reader:
Jenny L. Saldaña is an actor, activist, cancer survivor, American Cancer Society rock star, and all around bon vivant. She hopes to inspire, educate and change the conversation when it comes to cancer. She loves shoes, her boobs, your boobs, all things NYC, and her adoring fans (which she’s sure she’ll have one day)! Do not miss the new season of Happy Cancer Chick.

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