Media For Lunch – Your entertainment fix in 15 minutes or less: The Princess Bride – 25 Years Later

On Sept. 25, 1987, Rob Reiner invited film goers to the fictional land of Florin for a romantic adventure filled with sword fights, outlaws and undying—or mostly undying—true love. 

In the 25 years since its big screen debut, The Princess Bride has developed a following with a dedication to the film that rivals Westley’s devotion to Buttercup. The Princess Bride is available on Amazon Instant Video. It will be the best $2.99 you’ve spent in a while. 
– MD

The Princess Bride has also become one of the most quotable films of the last 25 years.  

Here are a few of my favorites:

When I was your age, television was called books.

– Grandpa

Inigo Montoya: I do not mean to pry, but you don’t by any chance happen to have six fingers on your right hand? 

Man in Black: Do you always begin conversations this way?

– Man in Black

But please don’t settle for my picks choose your own at The Princess Bride

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