Streaming on Netflix: The Nightmare

To highlight one of the many movies we’ve covered in the past that’s now currently streaming on Netflix, we are reposting our 2015 feature on The Nightmare. The interview below features one of the stars of The Nightmare, Kate Angus who recently published her beautifully realized debut book So Late to the Party. “There’s nothing we can do […]

The Witness: A Myth revealed

I have to confess, lately I’m a a little burned out on documentaries. But after some feet dragging–I just wasn’t in the mood for more true stories of brutal murders of innocent people.  The Witness proved to be more than just a depressing expose on an infamous crime, but a thoroughly engrossing documentary. This eye-opening […]

Review: The True Cost

Do you know where your clothes come from? Director, Andrew Morgan didn’t either, until one morning when he saw a photo in the newspaper of the 2013 garment factory collapse in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Morgan was so disturbed by the tragedy that he decided to investigate further. The True Cost (currently on itunes) is the result of […]

Falling: a Prose Poem about Sunshine Superman

Vertigo, as Hitchcock taught us with his dolly zoom, is a sense of false rotation. It is disorientation, a spiraling as if sliding down through the slick whorls of a nautilus or a girl-in-the-clock-tower’s long plunge to doom. Kundera, years and oceans later, conflated vertigo with both the fear of falling and “the voice of […]

Tuesday’s Topic: Documentaries

Documentaries are a fascinating, controversial and revealing source of both information and entertainment. They are supposedly unbiased and objective and yet, as with every film, there is an editor and an angle. These movies can leave viewers shocked, horrified, educated or perhaps more confused than ever, but their most important job is to leave audiences […]