Haiku Review – Cabin in the Woods

Haiku Review

Cabin in the Woods

Five stereotypes.

“Ding” Unicorn! Zombies eat.

Two stoners smoke out. 



Rear Window Timelapse

‘Rear Window Timelapse’: Hitchcock’s Courtyard Compressed Into 3 Minutes (VIDEO)

Have you ever imagined what the courtyard of the apartments from Alfred Hitchcock’s film “Rear Window” looked like in full? Videographer and special effects master Jess Desom has done just that. Using After Effects, Desom pieced together the scenes from the famous Greenwhich Village courtyard and all of the tenants’ happenings into a cohesive three minute video. The results of his work are phenomenal and kind of mind blowing, providing never-before-seen perspective on a popular film.